Maritime communication

We are the first in Estonia to offer special radio communication training for recreational craft skippers.

Comprehensive training is offered by experts who are daily engaged in radio communication broadcasting.

SRC –  Short Range Certificate or in other words the course for recreational craft radio communication operators lasts 8 academic hours.

We have time to cover such subject as legislation, international standards, also practical use and registration of radio stations.

This is followed by practical training – we practice broadcasting via radio stations and try to make emergency calls on a simulator. In the end of the course the student has to show their skills in transmitting messages and must pass a test consisting of 10 questions, after which the Estonian Maritime Administration issues SRC certificate to the student. A person not possessing this certificate may use radio only in case of emergency situations. Any other daily radio communication by unauthorised persons is not permitted.

The price of the course including the licence itself is EUR 125 (we take care of the paperwork and taxes).

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