Members of the team

OlevOlev Tõnismaa    

Captain of a vessel with displacement of 3000 and more.

After having been exploring world on many different vessels (dry-cargo, container, ro-ro or wheeled cargo vessels and passenger vessels) decided to make use of his knowledge domestically and has worked 10 years as a senior sea pilot at the Port of Tallinn and Muuga Harbour and shares his knowledge in shipbuilding and manoeuvring at the Estonian Maritime Academy, too. And besides all this he also has time to monitor shipping traffic at the Estonian Maritime Administration. As a summary the diagnosis is “an incurable sailor”.



Jaak Tulk   

Captain of a vessel with displacement of 3000 and more.

Has been working as a captain for years. Half of this time sailing on faraway seas and oceans and half sailing on the Baltic Sea guarding Estonian maritime boundaries and seeking and rescuing shipwrecked persons. So he is: a captain and commander who has now committed himself to his hobbies, which amongst others include teaching recreational craft skippers.




Erki Tulk            

Chief officer of a vessel with displacement of 3000 and more.

After having been sailing on cargo vessels on different oceans for many years, time came to exchange sea life for family life and start working on the shore. Since 2005 he has been involved in something close to his heart – maritime affairs at the Estonian Maritime Administration managing shipping traffic. At the same time he is engaged in various advanced training courses and mainly training recreational craft skippers.



Romet Metsa       

Deck officer of a vessel with displacement of 500 and more


A navigating officer, who having been sailing around the globe, decided to replace fast vessels with a calmer shore service and today it may be said that when he is not sailing with a boat on the sea, he is working for his employer, the Estonian Maritime Association, monitoring shipping traffic.



Triin Saks

A skipper of a recreational craft, engine-driven and/or with sails with a maximum length of 24 meters, on sea and inland waters, without limitations.

Triin, who has been involved in recreational crafts and maritime affairs for years, keeps everything related to training on course and constantly proves wrong the rule “a woman on board brings bad luck” . Without Triin our team would be constantly adrift.